Black Tag (1st Kup). Training Period - Six Months


You are currently a 1st Kup (Black Tag) student, and are training for your next grade, to Black Belt.
At the grading you will be expected to satisfy the following requirements:


  • 1-Step Sparring
  • 2-Step Sparring
  • Free Sparring
  • 2 against 1 Sparring
  • Self-Defence techniques. Release from various grabs
  • Breaking, all kicks, both legs
  • All patterns from Chon-Ji to Hwa-Rang
  • Pattern Choong-Moo Click here to view the pattern
  • Theory test; this will include names and meanings of all patterns, meaning of belt colours,
    and all relevant terminology from white to black belt



  • Stances (Sogi)
  • Bending Ready Stance A - Goburyo Chumbi Sogi A



  • Blocks (Makgi)
  • Middle Outer Forearm Front Block - Kaunde Bakat Palmok Ap Magki
  • Double Palm Upward Block - Doo Sonbadak Ollyo Makgi
  • Middle X Knifehand Block - Kaunde Kyocha Sonkal Makgi
  • High Double Forearm Block - Najunde Doo Palmok Makgi



  • Strikes (Tae Rigi)
  • High Reverse Knifehand Front Strike - Napunde Sonkal Dung Ap Tae Rigi
  • High Knifehand Front Strike - Najunde Sonkal Ap Tae Rigi



  • Thrust (Tulgi)
  • Middle Flat Fingertip Thrust - Kaunde Opun Sonkal Tulgi



  • Kicks (Chagi)
  • High Turning Kick - Napunde Dollyo Chagi
  • Flying Side Piercing Kick - Twimyo Yop Cha Jirugi
  • Middle Back Piercing Kick - Kaunde Dwit Cha Jirugi



  • Differences in Blocks

  • An Palmok Makgi - Inner Forearm Block : Any block which uses the inner part of forearm

  • Bakat Palmok Makgi - Outer Forearm Block: Any block which uses the outer part of forearm

  • Anaero Makgi - Inward Block: Any block that reaches from an outward to an inward movement

  • Bakura Makgi - Outward Block: Any block that reaches from an inward to an outward movement

  • An Makgi - Inside Block: Any block directed at the inner part of the opponent's attacking tool

  • Bakat Makgi - Outside Block: Any block directed at the outer part of the opponent's attacking tool