Blue Tag (5th Kup). Training Period - Three Months


You are currently a 5th Kup (Blue Tag) student, and are training for your next grade, to Blue Belt.
At the grading you will be expected to satisfy the following requirements:


  • 2-Step Sparring
  • Semi-Free Sparring
  • Walking Stance - Hooking Block
  • L Stance - Reverse Turning Kick
  • Pattern of examiner's choice
  • Pattern Yul-Gok Click here to view the pattern
  • Some basic Korean theory and language, questions relating to your grade
  • The meaning of the Blue Belt



  • Stances (Sogi)
  • X Stance - Kyocha Sogi



  • Blocks (Makgi)
  • High Double Forearm Block - Napunde Doo Palmok Makgi
  • Twin Knifehand Block - Sang Sonkal Makgi
  • High Hooking Block - Napunde Golcho Makgi



  • Strike (Tae Rigi)
  • Backfist Side/Back Strike - Dung Joomok Yop/Dwit Tae Rigi
  • Front Elbow Strike - Ap Palkop Tae Rigi