Green Tag (7th Kup). Training Period - Eight Weeks


You are currently a 7th Kup (Green Tag) student, and are training for your next grade, to Green Belt.
At the grading you will be expected to satisfy the following requirements:


  • 2-Step Sparring
  • Breaking Techniques: Left/Right Side Piercing Kick. Left/Right Turning Kick
  • Pattern Do-San Click here to view the pattern
  • Some basic Korean theory and language, questions relating to your grade
  • The meaning of the Green Belt



  • Blocks (Makgi)
  • High Outer Forearm Wedging Block - Napunde Bakat Palmok Hechyo Makgi
  • High Outer Forearm Side Block - Kaunde Sonkal Yop Makgi



  • Punch (Jirugi)
  • Middle Punch - Kaunde Jirugi



  • Strike (Tae Rigi)
  • High Backfist Side Strike - Napunde Dung Joomok Yop Tae Rigi



  • Thrust (Tulgi)
  • Middle Straight Fingertip Thrust - Kaunde Sun Sonkut Tulgi



  • Kicks (Chagi)
  • Low Front Snap Kick - Najunde Ap Cha Busigi
  • Left/Right Side Piercing Kick - Wen/Oron Yop Cha Jurigi
  • Left/Right Turning Kick - Wen/Oron Dollyo Chagi



  • 2-Step Sparring - Ibo Matsoki