Master Tony Vella VIII Dan

● 1982 Began Training

● 1985-1991 Member of the Welsh National Team. Won five ITF
    national championships

● UK Team member ITF world champions 1987

● 1989 member of the UK team competed in tournament in North
    Korea. First British team of any sport to compete in NK for over
    fifty years. Bronze team sparring

● 1990 European Champion Switzerland Gold team pattern, bronze
    team power-breaking

● 1991 European Reading bronze individual pattern, bronze team
    sparring, Welsh team

● Graded to 5th degree by General Choi Hong Hi

● Competed in USA California ITF State Champion. East Coast
    Champion, Arizona State Champion Runner-Up

● Graded to 7th degree by Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha 9th degree
    (Father of UK TKD)

● Fourth Welsh Master ever

● Youngest UK Master ever

● Trained with the world's best Grand Masters, GM Rhee Ki Ha 9th
    degree, GM Park Jung Tae, GM Park Jung Soo, GM Han San Soo,
    GM Cho Pyung Goo, GM Orello Ellis, GM Van Binh, GM Suk Jun,
    Kim, GM Choi Jung Wha, GM Adolfa Villanueva, GM Hwang Ho Yong
    GM Leong Wai Meng

● Celebrating over 25 years as an instructor, and 30 as a Black Belt