The Taekwon-Do syllabus consists of a set of principles and practices all working together to allow the student to become proficient in the aspect as an entirety. As a beginner, a student will first learn the Oath and the Tenents of Taekwon-Do, along with other necessary elements such as conduct and basic theory.
The main components of the syllabus are:


Patterns are a set of movements which emulate physical conflict with an imaginary opponent. The student will learn both defensive and counter-attack movements which co-ordinate in a logical and fluid sequence. This teaches the student correct technique, reflex and postural balance for successful execution of the imaginary combat scenario.
A new pattern is learnt at each level, and the student must demonstrate full mastery of the pattern to successfully grade to the next belt.


Sparring is an integral element of Taekwon-Do, and emphasis is placed on its teaching. Students will learn vital techniques to both attack and defend using semi-contact for safety, along with the wearing of safety gear.

Physical Fitness & Flexibility

To practice Taekwon-Do efficiently, the student must attain a certain level of strength, stamina and flexibility. Each training session includes physical training to enable the student to reach the required degree of fitness. All students are expected to maintain and improve their physical fitness by way of home practice.

Breaking & Destruction

These techniques are strictly for black belts and adult students, and involve the breaking of wooden boards with bare hands and feet to demonstrate acquired strength and skill.

Theory and Language

All terms in Taekwon-Do are used in the Korean language, and as such, students will be taught the correct terminology, being able to translate competently. Taekwon-Do theory is learnt too, so the student will be knowledgeable in its origins and history.


In order to progress to the next belt level, the student must successfully pass a grading test set by the examiner. Each colour belt has its own curriculum which must be fully understood and demonstrated by the student in order to proceed to the next level of training.
To view the syllabus for your next grading, click on your current belt colour on the chart below.