Yellow Tag (9th Kup). Training Period - Six Weeks


You are currently a 9th Kup (Yellow Tag) student, and are training for your next grade, to Yellow Belt.
At the grading you will be expected to satisfy the following requirements:


  • In Sitting Stance, ten double-punches, left and right, counting
  • Twenty Push-Ups
  • Stepping forward in Walking Stance, Front Snap Kick, Obverse/Reverse Punch
  • Stepping backward in Walking Stance, Middle Block, Reverse Punch
  • Walking Stance + Front Rising Kick, fifteen of each
  • Weight and distribution of L Stance
  • Some basic Korean theory and language, questions relating to your grade
  • Pattern Chon-Ji. Click here to view the pattern
  • The meaning of the Yellow Belt



  • Stances (Sogi)
  • Ready Stance - Chumbi Sogi
  • L Stance - Nuinja Sogi



  • Basic Movements:
  • Middle Punch - Kaunde Jirugi
  • Lower Outer Forearm Block - Najunde Bakat Palmok Makgi
  • Obverse Punch - Baro Jirugi
  • Reverse Punch - Bandae Jirugi



  • 3-Step Sparring - Sambo Matsoki